Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Here

  1. Is this club only for people who have recently moved to the area?    Our club originated many years ago to assist women who had recently moved to Fort Wayne to meet other women and make friends, and also get assistance in learning about services in the area.  Many more women work outside the home than during the original days for Newcomers.  Many of us find ourselves in similar circumstances as someone moving to the area but for different reasons like divorce, widowhood, empty nest or other transitions in life.  We embrace any and all women seeking companionship regardless of reason or age or length of residency in Fort Wayne.

  2. When are activities scheduled?

    Some activities are designed for women with available time during the day but there are other activities which take place in the evening such as Bunco and Euchre.  We are a small organization so we are open to changing activities to meet the needs of the members who are interested.  We also have a sister organization which was originally designed for those who had lived in the area five years or longer and many of those activities take place in the day time.  We offer a cross over membership so that women are able to take advantage of a variety of schedules.


  4. Is there a fee to join?

    We are a non-profit organization.  We charge a fee to cover the costs of our web site, our liability insurance and the door prizes and costs associated with monthly coffees or luncheons.  The fee to join Newcomers is $25.00.  If you join mid year that is reduced to $15.00.

  5. What is your average member like?

    We have members ranging in age from their early 30’s through their mid seventies.  On occasion we have member daughters who participate in a group when visiting or home from college.  They report  enjoying themselves regardless of the age difference of the women around them.  We believe their assessments since they often return.  We cover a wide  range of economic, educational and political backgrounds but seem to manage to keep our focus on friendship.

  6. How often do clubs meet?      Most clubs meet on a monthly basis except for crossover Encore groups which are often scheduled on a weekly basis.

  7. Is it possible to try a group before joining?     We have monthly coffees on the first Wednesday of each month which are a great way to meet people and see if this group is for you.  Ask about attending when the membership chair contacts you.


If you have any questions at any time please don’t hesitate to contact us.  A contact form is located on the contact page for just that purpose.